The Theological Myths of Zionism
Roger Garaudy

Zionism and Anti-Semitism:
A Strange Alliance Through History
Allan C. Brownfeld

The Fraud of Zionism
Wilbur Sensor

The Haavara Agreement

A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People
Rt. Hon. Winston Churchill

The Myth of Zionist Anti-Fascism
Roger Garaudy

The Myth of a "land without a people for a people without a land"
Roger Garaudy

Palestine - The Suppression of an Idea
Muhammad Hallaj

Is it True?
Prof. Elihu Grant

The Limits of Reconciliation
Rihani's View of State-Zionism

Christopher Vasillopulos

The Moral Bankruptcy of Israel's Founding Idea
The Coming Collapse of Zionism

Kathleen Christison

Israel and Racism:
Inseparable Allies or Myth?

M. Junaid Alam

The Iron Wall
An Ideology of Total Negation

Anis Al-Qasem

Spacio-cide and bio-politics
Israeli colonial project

Sari Hanafi

The Western Wall
A Tale of Theology and Division

Anis al-Qasem

Misusing Anti-Semitism,
Abusing History

Prof. Norman G. Finkelstein

Israel: An Apartheid State?

Leila Farsakh

Zionism and the transnational elite
Takis Fotopoulos

Some Racist statements by main
Israeli and Zionist figures


Facts concerning The Balfour Declaration

The Balfour Declaration Revisited
J. A. Miller

Analysis of the Balfour Declaration
J.M.N. Jeffries

The Balfour Declaration:
Distorted Language and Devastated Lives

Christopher Vasillopulos

The Balfour Declaration:
A history of perfidy and betrayal in the Middle East

Robert John

Preliminary Analysis of "The Balfour Declaration"
Fayez Sayegh


The Feasibility of the Right of Return
Salman H. Abu-Sitta

Canaanites,  Christians,and the Palestinian Agricultural Calendar
Ali Qleibo

Palestinians from the "Seven Villages": Their Legal Status and Social Condition
Aiko Nishikida

Narrating and Listening to the Memories of Nakba in Kyoto:
Dialogue between Palestine and East Asia
Mari Oka

Nakba in Narratives about Zionism
Yakov Rabkin

Nakba and Hibaku: Dialogue between Palestine and Hiroshima
Masaki Uno

Hiroshima, al-Nakba: Markers of New Hegemonies
Rosemary Sayigh

60 Years after the Nakba: Hisotrical Truth, Collective Memory and Ethical Obligations
Nur Masalha

Zionism and the Nakba: The Mainstream Narrative, the Oppressed Narratives, and the Israeli Collective Memory
Mariko Mori

To Be or Not to Be an Arab: The Complex Identity of Arab Christians in Israel
Akiko Sugase

Haifa and its Refugees: The Remembered, the Forgotten and the Repressed
Sari Hanafi

Nakbe 11
The Nakba
60 Years of Dignity and Justice Denied

Ingrid Jaradat Gassner & Hazem Jamjoum

Israeli Massacre of Deir Yassin
Elias Akleh


Crusade of the Revisionists
Embarrassing history

Arnaud De Borchgrave

Rebels, Terrorists, and Self-Restraint; Israeli Historiography
of the Palestinian Arab Revolt 1936-1939

Theo Tsalamandris

A problem in American foreign policy: Palestine
John Gunther Dean

The Cultural Genocide
of Palestine

Hanan Chehata

Listening to the Inaudible

Mohammed A. Bamyeh

Landscape Memory and the Israeli Erasure
of pre-48 Palestine

Theo Tsalamandris

Right of return and International Law
Abdul-Ilah As-Saadi

The Right of Return
Two-State Solution Sells Palestine Short
George Bisharat

Human Rights and Palestine:
The Right to Self-Determination in Legal and Historical Perspective

Curtis F. J. Doebbler

Palestine: How it all Started
Sami Hadawi


How to Deal with 'The Lobby'
The De-Zionization of the American Mind

Jean Bricmont

The Crucified Entity

Alan Davies

Ideology versus Regime Interest
The Palestinian Question in
Syrian-Lebanese Communism

Malek Abisaab

Does Israel Really Have a Right to Exist?
Susan Abulhawa

Arab Walls in Palestine
Reflecting Change but Not Falling Down

Anton Shammas

The Zionist-Palestinian Conflict
An Alternative Story

Haidar Eid

The Judaization of Jerusalem
Israeli Policies Since 1967

Allison Hodgkins

Depicting the Lives of Palestinians
under Israeli Occupation:

The Case of East Jerusalem

Tobina Hiromi­

Palestine in the Political Thought of
Michel Chiha

Samir Khalaf

Israel: A Pariah State
Dr. Hanan Chehata

The Roots of Israeli State Terrorism
Christopher Vasillopulos

How to Critique Israel Injustices
A Fable About Palestine

Jean Bricmont

The orange and the 'Cross in the Crescent':
Imagining Palestine in 1929

Tamir Sorek

The Violence of Construction
Israel's Wall and International Law

Michael Kearney

The Wall - Not its Route -
Creates Apartheid

Jamal Juma'

Palestine, Jerusalem, and
the Western Public

Ra'afat Dajani

Early Zionist Interest In Lebanon
Laura Zittrain Eisenberg

Naivity vs Objectivity:
Arab historiography and the Palestinian Cause

Maher Al-Sherif

Water apartheid in Palestine:
A crime against humanity?

Ayman Rabi

Palestine’s Post-Zionist Spring
Dr. A.Clare Brandabur

Roadmap to Genocide
Dr. A. Clare Brandabur

Evangelicals, Israel, and the End of the World
David Heilbroner

What Christians Don’t Know About Israel
Grace Halsell

Christ is From My Country
Mohammad Yousef Hammoud

Toying with God's Message
The heresy of Christian Zionism

Stephen Sizer

An Appraisal of Christian Zionism
and its Implications

Kevin Borge

The Contradictions of Christian Zionism
Ibrahim Abrahama & Roland Boer

The Twisted Logic of Christian Zionism
Confronting the Bible's
Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine

Michael Prior, C.M.

The Myth of a Judeo-Christian Tradition
New Dawn Magazine