The Syriawide Research Center (SRC) is an invaluable source of accurate, objective and relevant information and analysis designed to enlighten public opinion about Natural Syria through innovative programs designed to advance progressive ideas in the interest of the country and its people. The Center is guided by Antun Sa'adeh's world-view.
The mission of our Centre is manifold:

To conduct studies and research on topics relevant to the national objectives and intellectual advancement of the Syrian National Cause.
To facilitate the scholarly exchange of ideas and provide various services through the convening of symposia and conferences on topics  related to the research agenda of the Center.
To actively assist and promote the professional development of the Cause through various programs.
To improve public knowledge and awareness of the Nahda, its terminologies, objectives and what it really stands for.
To enhance Syria’s national image and its cultural and intellectual contribution and achievements through history.
To develop strategies against negative stereotypes and media bias.
To engage the Syrian intellectuals in a purposeful endeavor and utilize their skills and knowledge for the benefit of the National Cause.

General Principles
The Syriawide Research Center (SRC) for strategic studies and research derives its principles directly from the national philosophy of Antun Sa’adeh. We believe with Sa’adeh:

That Man-Society is the ideal framework for human action and thought
That the human intellect is supreme
That Politics is an art and an instrument in the service of National objectives
That revival depends on clarity, self-confidence, and trust in the accuracy of the National Social ideology
That our endeavor should take place discreetly “beneath the confusion of irresponsible talk and shouting spread all over the nation.”
That the Syrian character has latent all science, philosophy and art in the world
That we must depend on ourselves
That morals are essential
That the nation’s interests are above all other interests
That we are independent of all other currents, left and right

Code of Ethics
Professional Competence
Professional and Scientific Responsibility
Respect for People's Rights, Dignity, and Diversity

Structure of SRC
The structure of
SRC is as follows:
Director of the Centre
Board of Advisers (composed of individuals outstanding in their fields of work.
Rank-and-file or “Friends of the Centre”
A constitution defining the rights of obligations of each structure will be drawn up in due course.

Affiliates and friends of SNC can participate in the operation of the Center by choosing one or more of its diverse units. We value every individual contribution and encourage everyone to take part in this exciting initiative.

1. The Documentation Unit
The primary objective of the Documentation unit is to collect and make available a very wide range of basic documentation on all aspects of Syria: economics, politics, history, social, cultural, and development.
The unit will be called the Syria-wide Documentation Unit. Its acquisition policy will be related to the requirements of the SNC and users of the Centre. Both old and contemporary periods of Syria’s history will be covered to provide an excellent resource for a wide range of Syrian topics. The collection will focus particularly on the international treaties and secret agreements that have shaped the course of Syria’s political and social development. There will also be a wealth of material covering the history of Syria, the Syrian-Israeli conflict, and international involvement in Syria since the 18th century.
The Documentation unit collection will hold published and unpublished material ranging from substantial reports to periodicals and press releases.

2. The Publication Unit
The SRC aims to issue several publications:
Information Papers: Relatively short papers that present and focus on basic information on Syria.
A periodical in the Arabic language
A quarterly journal in the English language
Books and Monographs
A “Who’s Who of Syria” series
Translation and publication of Sa’adeh’s works

3. The Website Unit
SRC’s website is the window of SNC to the outside world, from which the whole world can have valuable facts and information concerning the Syrian Social National cause. A main section of SRC’s website is the ‘Eye-On-Syria’ which monitors and assesses the political situation in Syria and reports on new developments. It presents a summary of individual and collective political activities, particularly in Palestine and other hot spots. Moreover, a Monthly Report on the ‘Syria situation’ will be published in the “Eye-On-Syria” section.
SRC’s website will be interactive but professional and objective in the presentation of the facts and information. Members will be allowed access to the website’s archive as well as the opportunity to enrich its collection.

4. The Library Unit
The SRC will endeavor to establish a library to act as a repository of most academic information and documents relating to Syria. It will include research papers and books on relevant historical, economic, political, sociological and cultural issues and will house most of the academic information and documents relating to Syria.
In conjunction with this a virtual public information repository will be established to facilitate the development, the dissemination of, and access to all sorts of information affecting Syria.

5. The Heritage Unit
The SRC aims to establish a Heritage unit to collect, preserve, and document all heritage-related materials as well as those that have been either discarded or forgotten, sort them out, catalogue and preserve them.
The objectives of this unit will be:
Preparation of a comprehensive bibliography of the literary, artistic, intellectual and historical heritage of Syria
Acquisition of complete works (in all languages) of Syrian writers, poets, thinkers, out-of-print magazines and journals
Acquisition of the original manuscripts of Syrian creative artists, in all disciplines
Acquisition of materials, artifacts, implements, papers, documents, letters, pictures, dissertations and essays in circulars and magazines, as well as information pertaining to Syria’s cultural history
Detailed documentation, analytical cataloguing and detailed organization of archives using up-to-date scientific methods and electronic digitalization of materials.

6. The Media Unit
The development of a media alliance of independent journalists and reporters with a real understanding of the Syrian region is a vital objective of the SRC. The alliance will bring together the Social National operatives in the media and the press, gathers information about Syria from different sources, and provides detailed analysis of the Syrian scene. It will not be just an assembly line of information. Its focus is strategic and the service concentrates on actual developments and trends rather than on passing rhetoric.
The services of the Media Unit are:

To provide our members and associates with daily E-mail service
To provide strategic country profiles as well as customized reports on virtually any issue affecting Syria
To develop a press release newswire and multimedia service
To monitor the international press and media reports on Syrian affairs and respond promptly to irregularities.

7. The Students Unit
We at the SRC regard students as vital to building a progressive society. Students have been central to every progressive social movement from civil rights to environmental protection. They provide energy, ideas, and enthusiasm, and are a potent force for social change.
The SRC Students Unit aims:
To provide an environment where students can share and exchange knowledge
To act as forum for the presentation of innovative ideas
To assist Nahda students with such matters as planning, scholarships, and financial aid
To offer guidance on university courses and curriculum
A “For students-By students” network will be established to connect Nahda students at home and abroad with one another in order to build a strong Student Activist Network.

The “Antun Sa’adeh Award”
The SNC will launch the “Antun Sa’adeh Achievement Awards” to recognize individuals and corporate achievements in various fields:

An award in literary creativity
An award in national service
An award in bravery

The award is named for the founder of "The Syrian Social National Cause," whose contribution and commitment to Syria was so evident in his life and work. The award further symbolizes Sa’adeh’s pride in Syria’s heritage, inspiration for the freedom of Syria and his universal faith in its people.
A judging committee shall be established by the Centre’s Board of Directors to draw up an internal constitution for the Awards.