Now we are going to paraphrase the anthem of the Party. We think that the anthem contains an idea which is basic to the philosophy of Social Nationalism, namely, the idea of Peace. The anthem which is formulated in verse consists of four parts besides its beginning which is repeated after every part as it is the main verse which contains the idea of Peace.


Peace (be) unto Syria, Which is (our) enlightenment, Peace (be) unto Syria, Which we will sacrifice for.


We are a nation that will never budge To the greedy dictators, Our land has an undiminishing resource, of well-received men.


Everything in (Syria) is beautiful, Everybody is generous, Its climate is clear and healthy, Its People is lively and great.


O' Mountains that shoot high, and manifest like the castles, O' Souls that are unreachably high, Over the Times of Death.


The Revival has shaken ages, and washed away our inactivity, We certainly are a Nation, And a life that never disappears

A question arises as to why the idea of Peace is considered basic in the philosophy of Social Nationalism?

The answer to this question resides in the cultural history of Syria itself:

(i) The so-called Babylonian Genises, an epic that goes back to about three thousand years B.C., is a cosmology of peace. It tells about the all-powerful God Merduk who defeated Tiamat which stood for worldly chaos. Merduk created the Sun, the Earth the Stars, and Order in the World so that it would become a peaceful place to live in.

(ii) The so-called Stoicism i.e. the philosophy of Zeno, the ancient Syrian from Phoenicia advocated the idea of peace. Again, It was cosmopolitan peace, which involved the whole world. According to Zeno the world was a cosmopolis i.e. one city. By this he intended a moral principle which amounted to saying all men were fellow men. In other word, men and women should treat each other as if they were citizens of the same city of the world.

(iii) Then there is Christianity whose well- known substance is peace on earth.

(iv) Then there is Islam which is as peace-ful as Christianity.

To conclude we can say that the idea of peace is very essential in the Middle-
Eastern culture generally and in Syria particularly. Hence the philosopny of Social
Nation-alism cannot dispense with the idea of peace in addressing itself to the
peoples of Syria.

On the other hand the philosophy of Social Nationalism could not disregard the general trends of thought in the modern times particularly after the two World Wars and the experiments of two Worldly Organisa-tions, namely, the League of Nations and the United Nations. Obviously, the international institutions presuppose the reality of nations and national states.

Saadeh's Social Nationalism involves a conception of peace that is both domestic and worldly. It is domestic as it is effective in bringing various conflicting elements in Syria together. It is inter-national as it advocates the establishment of an Arab League as an institution that should (and could) contribute to peace in the Middle East in particular and the World at large. Furthermore, the internal peace of any nation is contributive to World peace while internal violence would attract outside interferences, hence international war.

The Anthem Of The SSNP
Dr. Haidar Haj Ismail