Ed. Adel Beshara
1. Syria: The Origin of the Name
     John A. Tvedtnes
2. Syria
     Philip K. Hitti
3. The Syrian
     Khalil Asaf Bishara
4. Syria's Place in History
     George Adam Smith
5. The Syrians: People of the Left-hand Land
    Lewis Gaston Leary
6. Syria and the Syrians
     Abraham Mitri Rihbani
7. Syria for the Syrians
     Habib I. Katibah
8. Syria: Highway of the Nations
     Margaret McGilvary
9. Syria: Mother of Civilization
    Antun Sa'adeh
10. Syria: Pearl of the Mediterranean
       J. Lewis Farley
11. Syria: Battleground of the Curious and Strange
       Robin Fedden
12. Syria: A Timeless Classic
       Gregory M. Wortabet
13. Syria: Gateway Between East and West
       Leonard Woolley
14. Syria's Contribution to Graeco-Roman Civilization
       James A. Montgomery
15. The Contribution of Ancient Syrian Christianity to West European Culture
      Arthur Vööbus
16. The Syrian Contribution to the Corpus of Christian Apocrypha
      E. N. Meshcherskaya
17. The Spiritual Contribution of the People of Syria
       Philip K. Hitti
18. The Syrian Impact on Arabic Literature
       R. Y. Ebied
19. Syrian Influences in Ethiopian Culture
      Witold Witakowski
20. The Syrian-Arabs' Contribution to Civilization

       Faris S. Malouf
21. Syrian Contribution to Arab Renaissance
      Philip K. Hitti
22. Syrian Civilization in the Realm of Legacy
      Georgie Can'an
23. Syrian Influences in Greek Philosophy
      Adel Beshara
24. Syria: Birthplace of Knowledge
       Claude F. A. Schaeffer
25. Syria: Cultural Frontier of the East
       Franz Cumont
26. Modern Syrians' Contributions to Civilization

        Rev. W. A. Mansur

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Adel Beshara (ed.)
First Edition
Melbourne 2013
[396 pages]
ISBN-13: 978-1492902669
ISBN-10: 1492902667

Copyright c 2013 Adel Beshara
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“Syria and the Syrians” is a contribution to the attempt to understand the present through the lens of the past. It is an epic chronicle of a people and a land that has seen it all and knows it all, as told and retold by scholars of different backgrounds and disparate eras. While this chronicle displays implicit notions of heroism and a nostalgic glorification of a bygone era, it is about real history, a real people, and a real land. The history is life-like. It provides entry into the “mind” of great ages, a return to an aesthetic world, and an introduction to the actions and ideas that helped shape our thinking for generations on end. It is a breathtaking blend of triumph, adventure, failure, and survival. It is also a poignant reminder of the sacrifices and contributions of a nation and a tribute to the important, perilous, and often-overlooked work of its people.
A celebration of an extraordinary legacy.