To most people who met him, friend and foe alike, the impression which Antun Sa’adeh left was that of a man of unusually strong character and striking personality. He possessed a great deal of will- power and was extremely intelligent with a deep insight for politics. Though his formal schooling ended before he completed his high- school education, he was widely read and highly cultured. Furthermore, he commanded the respect of many of those who met him and exhibited all the qualities and attributes of leadership.
This writer met Antun Sa'adeh for the first time at the age of eleven, when he was privately tutored by him in mathematics. But his association with Sa'adeh exceeded the learning of mathematical principles. For a period of three months he walked together with Sa'adeh in the woods of Dhour el-Choueir, Lebanon, listening to what the future leader of the S.N.P. had to say on various subjects, especially on the subject of nationalism.
The testimony of certain political enemies of Sa'adeh's revealed a great admiration for the founder and leader of the Syrian National Party. In his book Al-'Uruba Bayna Du'atiha wa Mu'arideeha (Arabism Between its Supporters and Critics), the well-known contemporary Arab historian Sati' al-Husri had the following to say:
I cannot help but declare my great admiration for the energy and devotion of Sa'adeh, and my appreciation of most of his reform principles. His political and social ideas, which he ably supports with sound and logical dogmas, deserve the greatest admiration.

Character and Personality of Antun Sa’adeh
Dr. Nadim K. Makdisi