The Christ of the Syrian Road
Alford Carleton

The Patriarch Kyrillos II (1845-1872)
Modernization of the Greek-Orthodox
Church of Jerusalem

Prof. Butrus Abu-Manneh

Jihad, Jihad
Militant Islam and the Qur'an

Fr. Herman Roborgh

Christian-Muslim Dialogue
Goals and Obstacles in a
Turbulent World

Mahmoud Ayoub

Syrian Sabbaths
Religious Toleration in Syria

Barbara Law

Holy Images
Women in the Syrian Tradition
Susan Ashbrook Harvey

The Development of Christian Orthodox
Syrian Identity under Hafiz al-Asad

Noriko Sato

Understanding Sectarianism
Ussama Makdisi

Syria Explored
Are Syrian symbols the precursor to
the religious symbols used today?

Violet Fortune

The Abuse of Religion in
the Contemporary World

Rev. Dr. Herman Roborgh S.J.

Hindiyya Anne 'Ajaymi and Her Spiritual Journey:
The Essential Lightness of Being

Avril M. Makhlouf

Where Islam & Christianity meet:
Saint Moses in the Syrian Desert

Gabriel Saiad Reynolds

Syria's influence in Egypt
The Monastery of the Syrians in Wadi al-Natrun

Jimmy Dunn

The Syrian Orthodox in Turkey
Witness to an Intense Spirituality

Egidio Picucci

In the Land of Christ
Christianity is Dying

Grace Halsell

The Origin of Christianity
Wayne Jackson

The Maronite Community of Cyprus:
Past, Present and Future

Andrekos Varnava

The Maronites of Cyprus
Edward Bowron