On Antun Sa’adeh
Fakhri Maluf
Trans. By Adel Beshara
Sa’adeh’s painstaking philosophic life is the key to his fundamental and concrete reality and distinction from all those who worked in poli­tics and social life. For whereas Syr­ian politicians tended, on the whole, to place politics ahead of national salvation, resorting to ambiguous principles to avoid the need to deal with the actual ills of the people and addressing the [masses] with vague expressions that satisfy im­mediate desires but neither elevate the people nor organize its thoughts and orientations, Sa’adeh took the opposite direction and, with con­fidence and trust in his reality, as­pired for clarity and planning.
Moreover, while proponents of re­form tried in vain to extinguish all forms of solidarity, as if such action would suffice to create a dynamic collective will, Sa’adeh, on the other hand, strove to produce a solidarity that encapsulates the collective per­sonality and interests of the nation.
In a nutshell, we are looking down on a social renaissance that is a splendid manifestation of human creation at its highest level. The bases of this creation are grounded in Sa’adeh’s enlightening philo­sophic life.

Suria al-Jadidah, 16 November 1939