The emblem of the Party is called AL- ZOUBA'A and it has the following geometrical form: To explain the idea for which AL-ZOUBA'A stands it is necessary to refer to the philo-sophy of Social Nationalism itself. What is the substance of the philosophy of Social Nationalism? Or otherwise, can we suggest the philosophy by reference to a few ideas? As far as the latter question is concerned our answer is yes. The ideas: Well-assimilated community, domestic peace, societal tolerance, national solidarity, non- discrimination, the priority of the interests of the community, and similar ideas could connote the representation of AL-ZOUBA'A or approximate its meaning.

The best approach to the understanding of the basic idea which AL-ZOUBA'A stands for is to try the following intellectual experiment: Think of a territory T (Australia, France, or what not) and think of multi- cultural ethnic groups settling in the territory. Furthermore, think of the different citizens being tolerant toward each other so that the daily social process of assimilation could go on without hindrances. Then you will be finding out AL-ZOUBA'A of the Territory T. This is the general principle underlying AL-ZOUBA'A.

In particular, the territory of Syria which consists of Lebanon, small Syria of Damascus, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Kuwait, and Cyprus is the locality of culturally different com-munities which could be classified broadly in terms of Christianity and Islam. The spiritual emblem of the Moslems is the Crescent and that of the Christians is the Cross. The nation emerging from the intermixture, intermarriage, soclal tolerance and assimilation of the Syrian citizens, being a new reality, require a new emblem to stand for it. This emblem is the Syrian ZOUBA'A. The above diagrams explain geometrically the amalgamation of the Crescent and the Cross into AL-ZOUBA'A. AL-ZOUBA'A with red colour is located in the middle of the flag of the Party inside a white circle surrounded by black rectangle.

The relatedness of the three colours could be read as follows: The (red) dawn of national unity emerges with a (white) day whose brightness destroys the (darkness) of social discrimination and domestic antagonism. Beside the four ends of AL-ZOUBA'A we usually find the following readings: Freedom, Duty, Discipline, and Power. In the litera-ture of the Party the four readings intended to mean that by social freedom, social duty, social discipline, and social power AL-ZOUBA'A works and asserts its constructiveness and not by social servitude, social irresponsi-bility, social chaos, and social collapse
The Emblem of the SSNP AL-ZOUBA'A
(The Tempest)
Dr. Haidar Haj Ismail