Lebanon's Politics: The Sunni Community and Harriri's Future Current
ICG, Brussels
Social Group Dynamics in Lebanon
Joanna Choukeir
The Judaization of the Galilee
Ben White
The Sad Truth: A Personal Journey to Hell and Back
Jennifer C. Afana
"Kulna Suriyyin": A Tale of Two Minority Groups in the Syrian Republic
N Migliorino
The Development of Christian Orthodox Syrian Identity under Hafiz Al-Asad
Noriko Sato
The Armenian community and the State in contemporary Syria
Nicola Migliorino
Sa'adeh's Stance on International Relations
Camille Habib
An Intelligent Man's Guide to Modern Arab Feminism
Fawwaz Traboulsi
The Olive Tree of Palestine
Edward Dillon


A Quarterly Journal of Middle East Studies

Volume 9, Number 33 [June 2010]
Volume 9, Number 34 [Sept. 2010]
The Cultural Genocide of Palestine
Hanan Chehata Consensus, Corruption and Crisis: Lebanon after the Ta’if Agreement
Evelyne Schmid
The World, not just America, is Responsible for Iraq
Ali Al-Mawlawi
Inventing Arab Secularism: The Early Years
Samir M. Seikaly
Secularism versus Theocracy in a Pluralistic Society
Rabih Y. Al-Dibs
Antun Sa‘adah’s Secularism and “Regionalist” Vision of the Nation
Maher al-Charif
The End of Ideology or the Quest for Alternative Methods?
Bassel R Sallaukh
“N.Y.” (=Antun Zakari?): A Neglected Pioneer of Neo-Pagan Egyptian Particularist-Nationalist Ideology
Dennis Walker
Syrian Immigrants and Debates on Racial Belonging in Los Angeles, 1875-1945
Sarah Gualtieri
Modern Syrians’ Contributions to Civilization
Rev. W. A. Mansur
PHILOSOPHY ZENO: Syria's Philosopher to the World
Georgie Can'an
A Great Man Has Died: Fakhri Maluf (1913-2009)
Adel Beshara
Fakhri Maluf the Aphorist
Abstract Sculpture Cropping up in Beirut’s Public Spaces
Rima Barakat

Volume 9, Number 35 [Dec. 2010]
The Iron Wall: An Ideology of Total Negation
Anis Al-Qasem
British Jewry Reeling from the Apartheid Analogy
Ahdaf Soueif
The Resistance Phenomenon in Lebanon
Camille Habib
Comparing Pluralisms: Minorities and Political Participation in ME Communities
Eugene Sensing-Daboous
Pluralism in the Media: Saudi Arabia’s Media Expansionism
Haytham A. K. Radwan
Mother Syria and Syrian Motherhood: Mahjar Nationality
Stacy Fahrenthold
Mehmed Ali Pasa and Sultan Mahmud II: The Genesis of a Conflict over Syria
Butrus Abu-Manneh
Abd al-Rahman al-Kawakibi, from the Mysteries of His Life to the Clarity of His Ideas
Ibrahim Al-Ariss
The Short Stories of Zakariyya Tamir
Baian Rayhanova
New Models for Religion
Herman Roborgh S.J
Pre-Islamic Rock Art: A Gateway to the Menagerie of Ancient North Arabia
Cassandra Bennett
Bayazid al-Ansari (1525-1572): Tajik Islamic Mystic who transformed Pashtuns and Afghans Dennis Walker
Were all Pledges and Promises Cast Aside?
Alex Reichal
Two Gardens in Cairo
Anne Fairbairn AM

The Arab Revolutions: An End to the post-1967 Problematic
Samer Frangie
The Arb "Colour" Revolutions
Vicken Cheterian
The Popular Revolutions in the Arab World: A Tribute
Anne Fairbairn AM
Managing Sectarianism: The Lebanese State as a model
Massoud Daher
The Tragedy that is Iraq
Issa Khalaf
Exercise of Political and Statal Power by Western Jews in Israel in the 1950s and 1960s:
Voices from Arabic-Speaking Minorities
Dennis Walker
The Crucified Entity: PALESTINE
Alan Davies
The Rise of Beirut as a Space for New Identities
Christine Beth Lindner
Women in the Renaissance Literature of the 19th Century
Hossain Awdat
Philip Hitti (1886-1978): The Oak Tree of Shimlan
Bayly Winder
A Syrian Awakening: Alqosh and Urmia as Centres of Neo-Syriac Writing
H. L. Murre-van den Berg
'THE ROOTS' by Yusuf al-Khal
Translated by Shawkat M. Toorawa

Volume 9, Number 36 [March 2011]