A Post-Sectarian Strategy for Iraq
Norwegian Institute of International Affairs.
Limits to Exporting the Saudis' Counterjihadist Successes
Kamran Bokhari
Iraqi Refugees: A Huge Burden for Syria
Victor Kocher
Why Lebanon Should Switch to Proportional Representation
Abdo Saad
Communications Between Christians and Muslims in Pakistan
Fr. Herman Roborgh S. J.
Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue: Humanity Takes Priority
Ali Ahmad Said
The Palestinian Question in Syrian-Lebanese Communism
Malek Abisaab
The Attitude of the SSNP Towards Peace in the Middle East
Adel Beshara
Daniel Pipes, Islam and the Business of War
Laila Khadija Fritsch El-Alaoui
The Dardanelles Disaster: A Personal Glimpse Back Through the Mists of Time
Anne Fairbairn AM
Unbeliever in the Impossible: The Poetry of Mahmoud Darwish
Robyn Creswell
Coloured Telephones: A Dialogue
Fuad al-Takarli
The Girl in the Red Beret
Lina Mounzer


A Quarterly Journal of Middle East Studies

Volume 8, Number 29 [June 2009]
Volume 8, Number 30 [Sept. 2009]
Palestine: Listening to the Inaudible
Mohammed A. Bamyeh
Spacio-cide and Bio-politics: Israeli Colonial Project
Sari Hanafi
Does Israel Really Have a Right to Exist
Susan Abulhawa
Lebanon: Recommendations for a Stronger State
Hassan Krayem
The Golan Heights: Remembering Stolen Rights
Haytham A K. Radwan
Sa'adeh's Position in Relation to the Pioneers of the Nahda
John Daye
The European Influence on Arabic During the Nahda
Daniel L. Newman
Once at the Forefront: Arabic Literature Lags Behind
Carl Gibeili
Small Village Talk: A Short Story Mahmud
Tahir Lashin
Reflecting Change but Not Falling Down
Anton Shammas
The Armenian Pioneers of Middle Eastern Photography
Badr el-Hage

Al-Andareen: A Gate into Syrian Cultue, Art and Archaeology
Ruaa al-Jazaeri & Rasha Milhem
Rashaya Castle: A Witness to Vital of Lebanese History
Omar Al-Halabi
Eloquent Phantom: Tayeb Salih's Search for an Elusive Present
Robyn Creswell
Ain Assalam
Anne Fairbairn AM

Volume 8, Number 31 [Dec. 2009]
Lebanon: Confessionalism and the Crisis of Democracy
Hassan Krayem
Skewed Policies Widen Urban-Rural Divide in Lebanon
Mona Alami
The Zionist-Palestinian Conflict An Alternative Story
Haidar Eid
The Impact of the Iraq War on the Arab Gulf and Beyond
Haytham A K. Radwan
Iraq's Other Challenge: Drought
Salah Hemeid
The Abuse of Religion in the Contemporary World
Rev. Dr. Herman Roborgh S.J.
Khalil Hawi (1919 - 1982): A Trip into Depression and Suicide
Nejmeh Habib
Go Forth and Falsify: Götz Nordbruch's Portrayal of Antun Sa'adeh Political Ideas
Adel Beshara
Mustafa 'Abd al-Satir in 'Ayyam wa-qadiyya': The Failure of Radicalism and the Return of Liberal Democracy
Christoph Schumann
Veiling Egypt: A Cause for Concern?
Fadi Toufic
Coverture in Lebanon
Lamia Rustum Shehadeh
Is it a Desert? The Syrian Desert and its Inhabitants
Christina Phelps
Palestine's Poppies and Poets: Dedicated to the Palestinian People
Anne Fairbairn AM

Jerusalem: The Facts
The Judaization of Jerusalem: Israeli Policies Since 1967
Depicting the Lives of Palestinians under the Israeli Occupation: The Case of East Jerusalem
What Christians don't Know About Israel
Palestine in the Political Thought of Michel Chiha
What Destroyed the Ideology of Arab Nationalism?
It is not About Sa'adeh but the Bigger Picture
Identity Problem of the Early Ottoman Immigrants in the United States
The First Syrians in America
The Cedars of Lebanon: Witnesses of History
Women in Iraq: Beyond the Rhetoric
Syrian Television Makers between Secularism and Islamism
Christ is From my Country
A Tribute to Fr. Herman Roborgh S.J

Volume 8, Number 32 [Mar. 2010]