My search for the West Bank's 'invisible' town
Sarah Helm
The Modern State in Contemporary Lebanese Political Discourse
Adel Beshara

The Roots of Israeli State Terrorism
Christopher Vasillopulos
A Fable About Palestine
Jean Bricmont

USS Liberty Fiasco: Searching for Truth
Ward Boston, Jr.
Party Politics and the Syrian Social Nationalist Party: A Review
As'ad Abu Khalil

The Arab Officers' Part in the Arab Legion's Victory in the 1948 War
Ronen Yitzhak

Linguistic and Discoursal Features of Arab Students' Spoken Discourse
Abdul-Fattah Al-Jabr
Why is Lebanon called 'the Lebanon'
Robert McColl Millar
Notes From Syria: The Lattakia Wives' Club
Gretchen McCullough
There is a Tide in the Affairs of Men
Anne Fairbairn AM
A 1901 Study on 'The Pantheon of Tyre
George A. Barton


A Quarterly Journal of Middle East Studies

Volume 6, Number 21 [June 2007]
Volume 6, Number 22 [Sept. 2007]
Oh! What a Lovely War on Terror
Simon Jenkins

The Summer 2006 Conflict Between Hezbollah and Israeil: One Year Later
Jad Melki, Dr. S. D. Moeller and P. Mihailidisr
Embarrassing History
Arnaud De Borchgrave
Iraq's Elite Fleeing in Droves
Amira El Ahl
Militant Islam and the Qur'an
Fr. Herman Roborgh, PhD
When Religious Orthodoxy is Good News
Ron Bousso
Christian-Muslim Dialogue in a Turbulent World
Mahmoud Ayoub
Syrian-Western Relations in Antiquity: The Antun Sa'adah Perspective
Simon Strong
The Patriarch Kyrillos II and the Modernization of the Greek-Orthodox Church
Prof. Butrus Abu-Manneh
Rhetorical Genre Analysis of Academic Discourse: Implications for FL and Translation Skills
Abdul-Fattah Al-Jabr

To Syria with Love: Lucian and Gibran
Travels in Syria and the Holy Land
J. J. Burckhardt

Nimah Ismail Nawwab: Women of her Nation
Habib Shaikh
Braidwood's 'Festival of Two Fires'
Anne Fairbairn AM

Volume 6, Number 23 [Dec. 2007]
The 12 Myths of Annapolis
Phyllis Bennisr
Could this be the Beginning of the End for Mahmoud Abbas
Saleh Al-Naami
Jordan's Spy Agency: Holding Cell for the CIA
Craig whitlock
Strategic Framework and Consequences of the Sykes-Picot Agreement
Tim Junio
Is it True?
Prof. Elihu Grant
Nationalism, Arabism and identity in the formation of the Lebanese State Peter Hilal
The Looming Conflict over Water in the ME
Frank O'keefa
Saladin as "Homo Oeconomicus"
Andrew Ehrenkreutz

The Atrocity of Wars: Visual Expression of Victory and Defeat
Prof. Inas Alkholy
Genesis and Creation in Ancient Syria
Georgie Can'an
Religious Toleration in Syria
Barbara Law
George Atiyeh: A Legacy of Scholarship, Excellence and Resilience Ghada Khouri
The Ideas of al-Kawakibi
George Atiyeh

Inside Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Batir Wardam
Petra and the Bible
Philip C. Hammond

A Spring of Peace in Palestine
Anne Fairbairn AM

Iraq: The US$3 Trillion War
J.E. Stiglitz and L. J. Bilmesr
Lebanon: What Big Picture?
Amr Hamzawi
Gaza: Worse than a Crime
Uri Avneri
Gaza, I Weep for Thee The Future of Ideology in the Arab World
Paul Salem
Secularism and National Identity in the Lebanese Context
Iliya Harik
The King-Crane Report: How and Why it was Suppressed
Seth Tilman
The King-Crane Commission Report, August 28, 1919
Some Stunning Old Photos of Palestine
Empires and National States in the Historical Thought of Antun Sa'adeh
Dennis Walker
Adonis Reserves the Right to be Wiser Tomorrow
Louis-Noel Harfouche
Spotlighting Karim El-Koussa
Interviewed by Adel Beshara
The Awakening
Karim El-Koussa
Tripoli: Lebanon's Mamluk Monument
Dick Doughty
Hadir Qinnasrin: Old New City
Donald Whitcomb

I am Beirut 'Beirut Poetry': A Celebration
Anne Fairbairn AM
A Lebanese Lullaby
Lillian Stedman and Robert Cornwall
Arabic Narratives Galore
Ferial J. Ghazoul


Volume 6, Number 24 [Mar. 2008]