The Balfour Declaration: Distorted Language and Devastated Lives Christopher Vasillopulos
The Balfour Declaration Reconsidered: The Cult of the Jealous God
J. A. Miller
The Balfour Declaration: A History of Perfidy and Betrayal in the Middle East
Robert John

The Possible Passages to Democracy in Egypt
Hassan Nafaa

Imperial Politics and Feisal's Arab Government in Syria, 1918-1920 Murat Abus
The Battle of Maysalun
Adel Beshara

Haykal's Response to Sa'udi Arabia and the Hajj
Dennis Walker

The Personal Papers of Al-Sanhuri
Mona Anis
Ways of Thinking: The Media, Orientalism and Literature in Translation
Michael Hall
The Monastry of the Syrians in Wadi al-Natrun
Jimmy Dunn
The Syrian Orthodox in Turkey: Witness to an Intense Spirituality Egidio Picucci
Petra: The Rose-Red Capital of a Forgotten People
J. Reweck and T. S. Akasheh
Tales from Fertile Crescent History
Adel Beshara

The Costumes of Syrian Phoenicia
Sarah Khayyat
Hunno's Circumnavigation of Africa
Richard Quirk

Ugaritic Narrative Poetry
Edward L. Greenstein
The Conference of the Birds
Paul Dolphin


A Quarterly Journal of Middle East Studies

Volume 4, Number 13 [June 2005]
Volume 4, Number 14 [Sept. 2005]
The American Way of Death
Azmi Beshara
Bridge-builder Glimpses Behind the Terror
Anne Fairbairn AM
US Policy-makers addicted to Love and to Being Feared
David Ignatius
Don't Push Syria Away
Joshua Landis
Pursuing the Persecutors
Ibrahim Nafie
The God-man and the Antichrist between Blake and Gibran
George N. El-Hage
Bitter Legacy:An Evaluation of Salem's 'Bitter Legacy aginst Antun Sa'adeh
Adel Beshara

Awareness of the 'Master' in Ancient Syria
Georgie Can'an
Ghassan Kanafani: A Rebel Born in the Womb of Despair
Nejme K. Habib
Khalid Alwan: Beirut Rebel
Contesting 'Syria'
Assyria nd Syria: Synonymous
Richard N. Frye

Assyria and Syria: Synonymous?
John Joseph

Kan yama kan
Hanadi Loubani
The death of my husband: A Short Story
Ghaleb H. Abu El-Faraj

Volume 4, Number 15 [Dec. 2005]
Defying the Hegemon: Syria, the US and the Iraq War
Raymond Hinnebusch
Invasion and Occupation Through Iraqi Eyes
George Capaccio
Lebanon: Truth Postponed
Hisham Safieddine
Stereotyping the 'Middler East'
Tawfic al-Masri

Talal: The Sad Story of the King of Jordan
Sami Moubayed

The Syriac Impact on Arabic Literature
R. Y. Ebeid
Sa'adeh's Impact on Literature, Music and the Arts
Edmond Melhem

Religion and State in Kawakibi's Thought
Eliezer Tauber
The Orange and the 'Cross in the Crescent': Imagining Palestine in 1929 Dr. Tamir Sorek
What is Syria?
Syria: Land of Civilizations
J. Maxwell Miller
Remembering the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Elisa Reina and G. Andrea
Misusing Anti-Semitism, Abusing History
Prof. Norman G. Finkelstein
Contending Theories of International Relations: A Review
Paul Salem


Volume 2, Number 8 [March 2004]
Representative Bureaucracy and National Integration in a Pluralist Society: The Iraqi Experiment with Arab-Kurdish Nationalism
M. Al-Tikriti & Dr. E. Shihabi

Rebels, Terrorists, and Self-Restraint; Israeli Historiography of the Palestinian Arab Revolt 1936-1939
Theo Tsalamandris
Gazan Christians and Moslems have faith in their relations
Edward Spungle

Myths and Realities: The Untold Story of Syrian-Israeli Negotiations in 1949 Thuraya Ismail
William Morris and the Arab-Islamic East
Muhammed A. Al-Da'mi

Desert vs. Mountain: Natural and Cultural Conflicts in Tayeb Salih's Season of Migration to the North'
Muna Al-Alwan
FajiĀ“at Hubb: A Tragic Story with a Moral Theme
Edmond Melhem

On Translation: The Shimmer and Glimmer of the Middle East
Gretchen McCullough
Poem: Palestinian Am I
E. Yaghi

Volume 3, Number 9 [June 2004]
Right of Return: Introduction
Adel Beshara

Right of Return and International Law
Abdul-Ilah As-Saadi
The Right of Return: Two-State Solution Sells Palestine Short
Prof. George Bisharat
With Impunity
Oussama El-Mohtar
War and Peace in Lebanon: The Anguish of Memory S
une Haugbolle

Was Israel Responsible for the Lebanese Civil War A Week in the Life of Baghdad
Anita Roddik
Judicial Independence in the Arab World
Adel Omar Sherif & Nathan J. Brown

Gibran's Self and Other Through Mythology
Mitri Boulos
Between Antun Sa'adeh and Sa'id 'Aql
Dennis Walker

Children of Al-Mahjar: Arab American Literature Spans a Century
Elmaz Abinader
Carrying the Past: The Syrio-Lebanese Emigration to Brazil
Ernesto Capello
The Syrian Peddlers
G. Bryan McKay
The Grandeur of Syria's Coastline
Compiled by Dr. Adel Beshara
What Makes Hannibal Heroic
Adil T. Baguirov
Zaki Nassif: The Master is Dead
Adel Beshara


Volume 4, Number 16 [Mar. 2006]