A Quarterly Journal of Middle East Studies

Volume 2, Number 5 [June 2003]
The legacy of Sykes-Picot: National and Political Crisis in the Fertile Crescent
Adel Beshara

The Sykes-Picot Agreement (1916)
Sharon's secret agenda
Jonathan Cook
The British occupation of Iraq: As British as afternoon tea
Mark Curtis
Too little too late! Straw blames imperialism for Middle East woes Islam and the Secular State: Explicating the universal in formative Islamic norms
Louay M. Safi
Reflections on the Coptic Question
Tarek Heggy
Bahrayni Intellectuals and the recreation of a Gulf-centered national past and history
Dennis Walker

The impact of the American Missionary on Syria during the Eighteenth Century
Mounir Farah

The Syrian Protestant College: The pinnacle of missionary activity in Syria The discovery of the Pulmonary Circulation revisited
Ayman Soubani & Dr. Faroque Khan

New discoveries in Syria confirm theory on spread of early civilization
James Nikosios

The splendor of Bilad al-Sham: Qalaat Saladin
Carol Miller
My Jerusalem
Baha Al Bukhari
Volume 2, Number 6 [Sept. 2003]
Lebanon's communal elite-mass politics: The institutionalization of disintegration Farid el-Khazen
Symbolic interaction and its relevance to Lebanon
Munir Khuri

Myth and Reality: The two sides of Arab Nationalism
Jessica West
Syrian Unity in the strategy and ideology of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party Inam Raad
Bahrayni Intellectuals and the recreation of a Gulf-centered national past and history II
Dennis Walker

Khalil Hawi: A Graceful Poet from the Vineyards of Lebanon
Fuad Said Haddad
Lucian of Samosata: Was he Syria's first rhetorician?
To Lucian of Samosata Lucian: The Extra-Terrestrial!
Lucian's Works
Spicing the Conversation: The development of proverbs and its role in Arab culture Sheila K. Webster
Georges David Corm: 1896-1971 Artist of Homeland issues
Andrew Beasley
To Sir with Love: A personal tribute to Dr. Edward Said
Aida Qassim

Volume 2, Number 7 [Dec. 2003]
A Note on Confessionalism: Pluralism and Confessionalism in the Lebanon
Ahmad Beydoun
Real Sectarianism versus Real Citizenship
Mohammad Moussalli
Comparing Pluralisms: Minorities and Political Participation in the Middle East Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous
Problems of Studying Minorities in the Middle East
P. R. Kumaraswamy
Palestine: How it all Started
Sami Hadawi

Palestine in Western Public Opinion Promising Signs at Last!
Adel Beshara

Democracy in Iraq: "American Style: Compiled by
Adel Beshara

Ameen Rihani Commemoration Ameen Rihani's Path Between the Scylla of Fanaticism and the Charybdis of Modernity
John C. Hawley
Ameen Rihani's Concept of Poetry: A Precursor of Hadatha
Atif Faddoul
Antun Sa'adeh's "First Lecture"
Tr. Eveline Hitti
Muslim Upbringing: A Complex Package of Beliefs and Attitudes
Rana Kabbani
Voices from the Homeland
Aida Hasan
Maaloula: Star of Christendom
Carol Miller
Volume 2, Number 8 [March 2004]
Zionism's "Security Wall": A Special Report
The Violence of Construction: Israel's Wall and International Law
Michael Kearney
Anne Gwynne
Taif Revisited: Confessional Appetites and Taif in Post-War Lebanon
Nawaf Salam
Celebrating the Vision: Antun Sa'adeh (1904-2004)
Adel Beshara
Sa'adeh and Syrian Nationalism
Rabih Debs
Sa'adeh and Literature
Edmond Melhem

Sa'adeh and the SSNP
Oussama el-Mohtar
Sa'adeh and Lebanon
Adel Beshara

Sa'adeh's Impact on Fairuz and the Rahbani Music
Nour Shammas
Sa'adeh's Death and Plato's Dialogue Phaedo
Compiled by Adel Beshara
Antun Sa'adeh: Testimonies
Compiled by Adel Beshara
Trends in Arab Intellectual Thought in the 1960s
Adel Daher

Islam and the Arab West's Commitment to Africanism
Dennis Walker

The Rise and Fall of Al-Urwa al-Wuthqa
Ahmad Hassoun
Palestine's Neglected Treasure Trove
Laila Haddad
The Epic of Gilgamesh
Maureen Kovacs

Volume 3, Number 9 [June 2004]
Right of Return: Introduction
Adel Beshara

Right of Return and International Law
Abdul-Ilah As-Saadi
The Right of Return: Two-State Solution Sells Palestine Short
Prof. George Bisharat
With Impunity
Oussama El-Mohtar
War and Peace in Lebanon: The Anguish of Memory S
une Haugbolle

Was Israel Responsible for the Lebanese Civil War A Week in the Life of Baghdad
Anita Roddik
Judicial Independence in the Arab World
Adel Omar Sherif & Nathan J. Brown

Gibran's Self and Other Through Mythology
Mitri Boulos
Between Antun Sa'adeh and Sa'id 'Aql
Dennis Walker

Children of Al-Mahjar: Arab American Literature Spans a Century
Elmaz Abinader
Carrying the Past: The Syrio-Lebanese Emigration to Brazil
Ernesto Capello
The Syrian Peddlers
G. Bryan McKay
The Grandeur of Syria's Coastline
Compiled by Dr. Adel Beshara
What Makes Hannibal Heroic
Adil T. Baguirov
Zaki Nassif: The Master is Dead
Adel Beshara


Volume 2, Number 8 [Mar. 2004]