Integrative Consociational Democracy for Deeply Divided Society:
The Case of Lebanon
Imad Salamey
The Role of the Clergy in Lebanese Politics
Rola el-Husseini
The Ethonographic Arriving of Palestine
Khaled Furani & Dan Rabinowitz
The Invention of the Jewish People: Israel’s mythological backbone unmasked
Peter Edel
Creating Chaos: Lawrence of Arabia and the 1916 Arab Revolt
O'Brien Browne
Holy Terror!!! The Rise of the Order of Assassins
Jefferson Gray
On the Origins of Oriental Civilization
Jean Perrot
Iraq: The Birthplace of Civilization and War
Ira Meistrich
Anne Fairbairn AM
Preliminary Historical Observations on the Arab Revolutions of 2011
Rashid Khalidi

Parallel Power Lust
Ayman El-Amir
Arab spring but no Arab summer?
Jeremy Salt
Exercise of Political and Statal Power by Western Jews in Israel in the 1950s and 1960s: Voices from Arabic-Speaking Minorities (Pt.II)  
Dennis Walker
The Western Wall: A Tale of Theology and Division
Anis al-Qasem
ORIENTALISMUS: German and Austrian Orientalism: A Comparison
Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous
Will the Real Antun Sa'adeh Please Step Forward
Adel Beshara
Narratives of Roman Syria: A historiography of Syria as a province of Rome
Lidewijde de Jong
Ancient Egyptian Joint Operations inthe Lebanon under Thutmose III
Vindicating Islam
Herman Roborgh S.J.
An Appreciation of and Current Concerns for Sufism
Anne Fairbairn AM
An Australian Conference of the Birds
Anne Fairbairn AM
ORONTES: The Rebel River
Adel Beshara


A Quarterly Journal of Middle East Studies

Volume 10, Number 37 [June 2011]
Volume 10, Number 38 [Sept. 2011]
Arab  'Democratic'  Uprisings: Domestic,  Regional and Global  Implications
Abdennour Benantar

Lebanon against the Backdrop of the 2011 Arab Uprisings: Which Revolution in Sight?
Tamirace Fakhoury
Israel: A Pariah State
Hanan Chehata
Has the Information Revolution In Muslim Societies Created New Publics? 
S. Adel Hashemi-Najafabadi
Islam and the Secular State: Secularism and the paradoxes of Muslim politics
Robert Hefner
Rhetorical Hierarchies in France and Syria During the Mandate
Benjamin White

Beneath Every Footstep in Syria is an Ancient Civilization
Markus Gschwind
The Shi’i Core of Islam: Precursors of Shi’ism
Muhammed Al-Da’mi
Interactions between Prophet Muhammad and Christians
Ismail Acar
VISITING IN SYRIA: A Personal Account of Social Customs in Syria at the Close
of the Nineteenth Century
The New York Times, May 28, 1899
THE WEDDING: A Narrative of a wedding ceremony in nineteenth-century Syria
Khalil Sa'adeh
Ten Basic Facts About Antioch
Adel Beshara
Libanius' Antiochicus
Antioch at the Height of Syrian Civilization
Theodor Mommsen
In Saladin's Time
Robert Brown
The  Often  Blood  Drenched  Path  Towards Human Harmony
Anne Fairbairn AM

Volume 10, Number 39 [Dec. 2011]
The 'Arab Spring' of 2011: Some Preliminary Observations
Adel Beshara
Divide, Conquer and Rule the "New Middle East"
Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
'Israel' and the Arab Spring
Armenak Tokmajyan
Iran, Israel and Arab Regimes
Sam Razavi
Human Rights and Palestine: The Right to Self-Determination
in Legal and Historical Perspective
Curtis F. J. Doebbler
Zionism and the transnational elite
Takis Fotopoulos
Syria's Place in History
Philip Hitti
Syria's Place in Global Hertitage
Emma Cunliffe
The Syro-Lebanese Emigration to Egypt: From Traditional Allegiances to National Identity?
Thomas Philipp
The Success Story of an American Family from a Syrian Village in Global Diaspora
Anton Escher
The Affair of the Coins: Iconography in the Coinage of Abd al-Malik
Cassandra Bennett
IN SHERDS, A TELL: Outside-In Ur-banism
Paul Gleason
National Self in the Work of Palestinian Female Artists
Janan Abdu
The "Medal of Stability" to Lady Fatima El Masry
Ahmed el-Hajj
The Fiction of the Perfect Pre-multicultural Society
Waleed Aly

Volume 10, Number 40 [March 2012]