A Quarterly Journal of Middle East Studies

Volume 1, Number 1 [June 2002]
The Crisis in the Middle East: Zionist Intransigence and the Quest for Palestinian Statehood.
Compiled by Adel Beshara
Corporate America and the Israeli Occupation
Sam Bahour
Pros and Cons of Arab Economic Boycott of US
Fahed Fanek
Gimme Some Truth Now: A walk Through Jenin
Kathy Kelly

Jenin: Remember This Word
Ramzy Baroud
Political Decay in the Arab World
Lisa Anderson
Catholic Lebanon After 1930: State Unit Consolidation, High Culture and the Crisis in Identity
Dennis Walker
A Legacy of Frustration: SSNP-Lebanese State Relations (1935-1938)
Adel Beshara
Ibn Khaldun: Father of Economics
Ibrahim M. Oweiss
Contesting the State Media Monopoly: Syria on al-Jazira Television
Najib Ghadbian
Women in the Arab World: Where to?
Nouha al-Hegalan
Arab Women's Contribution to Society, History, and Culture
Claims (poem)
Lisa Majaj
The Fertile Crescent: Cradle of Civilization The Changing Alphabet
Lucia Beck
Naji al-Ali (1936-1987): The Palestinian Cartoonist Par Excellence

Volume 1, Number 2 [Sept. 2002]
The War on Iraq: A Special Report
The War on Iraq: It's Happening Now
Fran Shor and Jon Basil Utley
Vanishing Act: Making an Entire People just 'Disappear'
Bobeck Modjtahedi
The Secret Behind the Sanctions: How the US Intentionally Destroyed Iraq's Water Supply Thomas J. Nagy
Sanctions Against Iraq are Genocide
Prof. George Bisharart
What Everyone Should Know: The View from Australia
Jack King
Bush Planned 'regime change'
Neil Mackay
Naivity vs. Objectivity: Arab Historiography and the Palestinian Cause
Maher Al-Sherif
American Zionists and Historiography
James Zoghby
The Maronite Community of Cyprus: Past, Present and Future
Andrekos Varnava
The Maronites of Cyprus
Edward Bowron
The Aryan Dimension of Matthew Arnold's Approach to the Arab-Islamic Orient
Dr. Muhammad A. Al-Da'mi
Historical Background to Greek Philosophy: The Syrian Connection
Dr. Adel Beshara
Arab Feminism and Islam: Some Theoretical Considerations
Rayyan Al-Shawaf
Rome vs. Carthage: The Day the World Trembled
Lee Levin
Witness to horror - A journey back to Sabra and Shatila The Splendor of Petra Maxine Rose Schur
Ain Al Sultan: A Spring of Peace
Anne Fairbairn

Volume 1, Number 3 [Dec. 2002]
The Case for Palestinian Nonviolent Direct Action
William J. Thomson
The Syria Accountability Act: The Wrong Move at the Wrong Time
Nasser Salem
Can Saddam be Contained: History Says Yes
Dr. J. Mearsheimer and Dr. S. M. Walt
Emerging Water Conflict in the Middle East? The Case of the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers
Hilal Elver
In the Land of Christ Christianity is Dying
Grace Halsell
Christian Generosity Becomes a Rabbinical Nightmare
Yair Sheleg
Saving May: The Story of how Sa'adeh tried to save May Ziadeh from the Ghoul
Edmond Melhem
The Cedar Tree: 'Glory of Lebanon': A Case Study in the Use and Misuse of a Resource
Benjamin Kasoff
Mesopotamia: Cradle of Democracy?
Andrew Howard-Smith
The Invisible Lines of War: Families under Siege
Susan B. Markisz

Volume 1, Number 4 [March 2003]
The War on Iraq: A Special Report:
A Monument to Hypocrisy
Edward Said
Jimmy Carter
Harvey Wasserman
Amin Saikal
Michael Moore
Scotty McLennan
George Bush,
Sr. David Krieger
Palestine, Jerusalem, and the Western Public
Ra'afat Dajami
Some Basic Facts the Western Public should know
The Palestinian Intifada: Images and Words
Adel Beshara

1958 Revisited: The Role of the SSNP
Adel Beshara

The Shari'a and the Nation State: Who Can Codify the Divine Law
Knut S. Vikør

The Problem of Desertification in the Middle East?
Fouad Abo

The Role of Women in Arabic Literature
Mona Mikhailis

Storytelling, the Meaning of Life, and the Epic of Gilgamesh
Arthur A. Brown
'When on High': The Babylonian Epic of Creation
Enuma Elish
Southern Lebanon's Archaeology: Alive and Free
Penny Young
Assimilation: Australian Syrians and their Quest for Assimilation
E. O. Schlunke