Encircle me… Encircle my neck
with the Arabian jasmine growing at home
with any jasmine…
with moons of roses
with the scent of sweet basil
Encircle me… Encircle me

Enwrap my body
with my town's moon
with the cloud of a winter's night
with the stars of a clear night
Enwrap me… Encircle me
with the rain's tears
with the sun's smiles
with the trees' passion.

No! All the sand in the world
cannot cover my eyes or
silence the pulse of my heart

Girdle me
with young girls' shawls
with thickets of hair
with the passion of every corner
with olives and
the scent of lemon
in evenings full of sweet chat

I will always be with you
in the sobbing of wounds,
the neighing of joy,
in your toil and persistence,
in your dreams
I will forever be with you
under the canopy of palms
flirting with the impossible
I will forever be with you
in the echo,
the expanse and
your delusions.

Shred the dictionary of departure
Scatter the mummies
Destroy the idols
Change the clocks
Alter the days
Life is a beautiful dream
short… short
but long… long
Prophets do not
die or depart
Tear up the sails of departure.
Thus Speaks the Martyr
Ghattas al-Hakim