‘Fertile Crescent’, ‘Orient’, ‘Middle East’:
The Changing Mental Maps of Southwest Asia
Thomas Schefler 

Obliterated Palestinian Towns and Cities

The historical earthquakes of Syria:
An analysis of large and moderateearthquakes from 1365 B.C. to 1900 A.D.
Mohamed Reda Sbeinati, Ryad Darawcheh and Mikhail Mouty

Historical Evidence for Climate Instability and Environmental 
Catastrophes in Northern Syria and the Jazira: The Chronicle of Michael the Syrian
Magnus Widell

The Euphrates/Tigris Rivers
The Looming Conflict over
Water in the Fertile Crescent

Frank O'keefa

The Disappearing Cedar
Deforestation threat to the Lebanese Cedar

E. W. Bealsz

The Orontes: A River Called 'Rebel'
Joseph Fitchett and McAdams Deford

The Olive Tree of Palestine
Edward Dillon

A Personal Account of
The Locus Invasion of Coastline Syria

Alexander Aaronsohn

The Fertile Crescent:
Victim of Human Degradation

Jill Kamil

Syria’s Steel and Iron

James A. Reilly

Is it a Desert?
The Syrian Desert and its Inhabitants

Christina Phelps

The Cedars of Lebanon: Witnesses of History
William R. Chaney and Malek Basbous­

Spotlighting "Orontes"
The (Asi) Rebel River of Syria

Adel Beshara

The Grandeur of Syria's Coastline
Adel Beshara

Maaloula: 'Star of Christendom'
Carol Miller

The Cedar Tree: 'glory of Lebanon'
A Case Study in the Use and
Misuse of a Resource

Benjamin Kasoff

Ayla Kingdom of Coral and Beaches
of the Sun

Hind Abu shaar

Beautiful Syria
Jeita and Soreq
Two masterpieces of Nature

Adel Beshara

Syria's Geography