Antun Sa'adeh's forecast of the seriousness and fatefulness of the Zionist threat to our national existence preceded the establishment of the Jewish State. In the early twenties of this century, he observed that all branches and associations of Zionism throughout the world worked for the same aim: to capture Palestine and evict its inhabitants. He wrote:
Despite that the Zionist movement is not rotating around a natural axis, yet, this movement has been able to make significant progress. Its actions are proceeding according to an accurate, systematic plan. If no other systematic, counter plan stands in its face, it will eventually succeed.
Sa'adeh then warned “... we are in a situation wherein one of two basic consequences is incumbent: Life or death; whatever the outcome, we are the ones to answer for the consequence.” Sa’adeh’s answer was to institute a movement possessing a systematic counter-plan to Zionism. In 1932, he established this movement, calling it: The Syrian Social Nationalist Party.
A Systematic Counter-Plan
Dr. Edmond Melhem