The following list of questions is taken from a brochure entitled Palestine Our Holy Land, published almost ninety years ago. It is reproduced here not merely to uphold the claim of the Palestinians to Palestine, but to correct popular fallacies and misapprehensions of them. Prof. Elihu Grant, who spent many years of his life in Palestine, as an educator and archeologist, and who showed keen interest in the cause of the Palestinians, particularly in their cultural development, was indisputably an authority on Palestine. Through his many contacts with biblical scholars and Zionists and their sympathizers, as well as Arab Palestinians was in an advantageous position to discover the general state of knowledge on the vexing problem of Palestine, as reflected in these questions, the answers to which, naturally, are in the affirmative.

That an Arabian country is one in which the overwhelming majority of the people is Arab?
That Palestine is as surely in the Arabian designation and the Arabian consciousness as Kent would be in English?
That until forty years ago the desire of Jews for Jerusalem and Palestine was a religious one similar to the Christian devotion?
That Herzl's passion was not at the first for Palestine? That Political Zionism stands always for sovereignty and is a drug destructive of Jewry?
That before 1914 Palestine was one of the safest places in the world for Jews to live?
That the pre-war, Arabic speaking Jews were more oriental, more truly Jewish than the recent immigrants?
That the, hills, even Jerusalem itself, are less desirable to materialistic Jews than the plains and shore of Palestine and that this is a reversal and denial of the old time Judaism?
That Tell-Aviv is far from being a sample of the finest, truest Jewry?
That historic Judaism is not older than the Babylonian Exile?
That one makes a funny case who claims David and Solomon as Jews?
That Judaism is a highly evolutionary product out of' and away from the Hebrew past? Jews may be said really to have begun in Palestine with the Second Temple, in the Perisian period?
That the Jewish genius is religious and ethical and that when they go worldly they should have no more consideration as heirs of the Bible than other politicians, merchants, concessionaires?
That to claim everything in addition to religious freedom, that is to say, when they claim a race, a nation, a politics, an economics and separate from the human race on these material lines while at the same time asking to be treated as religious and the pets of the divine is to go wrong?
That what was put forth as the voice of Britain and America about Palestine was utterly unknown to the vast majority of the people of these countries but was the highly specialized propaganda of a small sect among us?
That the Balfour Declaration was a steal, a piece or trading engineered by a powerful clique, deceptive in its terms, and substantially illicit?
That the loud professions by Europeans and Americans, of their pity for suffering European Jews did not lead them to take any considerable numbers to themselves but led them to try to paralyze Arab rights of' resistance while tens of thousands of Jews were forcibly fed into Palestine?
That the Palestinian native people were taxed these 20 years without representation and choked with more and more immigrants without representation? (Taxation and immigration without representation equals what?)
That a specious selective democracy is preached by many orators and writers who choose democracy themselves and refuse it to Palestine?
That President Wilson's "Crane-King Commission" made a thorough-going study of Palestine's wishes and found the people heavily opposed to the Zionist scheme?
That, when such doings were begun, nine-tenths of the citizens of Palestine were Arabs and one-tenth or less were Jews but that it was British politics that enabled the latter to usurp?
That the Zionist organizations of London and America meddled with the military authorities in Palestine to the great embarrassment of the latter and to its eventual recall so that a regime more favorable to Jews might be set up?
That thousands of devout Jews in England, and America fought vigorously against political Zionism and the Balfour Declaration?
That politically minded, worldly Jews had an undue share in forming the Balfour Declaration and the Mandate scheme for Palestine?
That a few American Jews through certain highly placed persons in Washington and New York pretty nearly dictated British policy on Palestine?
That there are two kinds of Zionism in Palestine, the pre-war religious kind of old fashioned Jews and the post-war and often irreligious kind?

That commercial advantages, concessions, oil, etc., etc., had too much to do with England's treatment of the Arabs?
That many, many Jews have been disillusioned by the actual conditions in Palestine and have willingly paid their expenses back in order to escape Zionism over there?
That the government of Palestine for over two years under a mandate that did not exist was an illegal government and that it was during that time that atrocious miscarriages of justice and wrongs upon the native people were founded?
That this illegal government awarded the Rutenberg concession to harness the waters of the Jordan and Auja rivers?
That the substitution of civil for military government in Palestine was largely because the military was accused of being favorable to the native people while the civil government to be set up would be more amenable to political Zionism?
That the civil government as set up was in anticipation of the Mandate not yet legalized and so was an illegal government? That the Palestine problem did not exist 25 years ago but was an importation from Europe?
That European quarrels and wars were dragged across the Holy Land to the great suffering of the native people?
That the Holy Places in Palestine are more properly the charge of Christians and Moslems than of Jews?
That the so-called "historic connection" of Jews with Palestine is exceedingly thin and of less importance than the claims of other people?
That "economic absorptive capacity" is a high-sounding piece of persiflage designed to cover inhumane theft of a people and their rights?
That a large number of British officials favor the native cause but are often recalled to England if their attitude becomes clear?
That a top-ranking British judge was recalled, largely, because he: poke out judicially rather than politically about an outrage on the Arabs of Jaffa?
That a guilty foreign element made a scapegoat (for their own propaganda) on the highest Moslem religious person in Palestine? That he is now in exile?
That without charges or trial scores, yes hundreds, of Palestinians have been arrested, interned, exiled?
That government policies and methods have deepened divisions and irritated to exasperated revolt the native farmers, gardeners, and citizens of Palestine, who have been beaten down with ruthless cruelty?
That thousands of Palestinians are well educated in European and American schools and universities and that the agricultural skill of the Arab farmers and gardeners of Palestine stands comparison well with any agriculturalists with comparable capital in the world?
That land tenure in Palestine is a native right and necessary to the well-being of the Palestinians a large part of whose country is rock and waterless?
That a peasantry such as Palestine's should have a voice in the changing of their economics from agriculture to industrialism?
That Palestine is about the size of New Hampshire or Vermont and already more densely populated?
That even if you include Trans-Jordan Palestine would not be larger than Massachusetts and is much less fertile?
That foreign Christian influence in Palestine before 1914 was considerable and not of a mercantile inspiration.
That so-called Jewish "historic-connection" was broken more than 18 centuries ago and that other historic connections are greater?
That the Zionist real-estate holdings in Palestine have mounted to 333,333 acres of which 30,000 acres only are in the hills?
That out of 400,000 Zionist Jews in Palestine only 4100 are farming in the hill country?
That Zionists today from other countries care more for fat Canaanite lands than for Zion?
That Arab orange growers always had and still hold supremacy in Palestine despite European and American capital and crowding?
That modern, materialistic Zionism profanes religious, idealistic Zion?
That Palestine is Arabia's nearest sea-edge on the Mediterranean?
That Palestine was until very recently the southern part of Syria and should not have been severed from larger Syria except for the fantastic geography of Zionists?

That the Arab Awakening of the last hundred years, with its sequel of sacrifice to the death during the World War and since, is ignored by Zionist publicly? That Arab capacity for government and experience therein have scarcely been questioned until it was to the selfish advantage of European and American Zionists to malign?
That Arab cultural, literary interests have been vigorous and fruitful for a century and particularly, with  American sympathetic understanding, since the middle of the 19th Century?
That learned Jews whether in the Middle ages, the Renaissance, or in these modern times, know and acknowledge much about Arab civilization but have, been blasted into silence about it by the roar of Zionism?
That in 1211 A. D. Saladin received courteously three hundred rabbis from England and France who inquired about the outlook for Jewish immigration into Palestine in sharp contrast with the blundering brutal onrush of modern Zionists without enquiry of the inhabitans?
That in 1267 A. D. there were two Jews known to be in Jerusalem, in 1730 a thousand, and in the whole of Palestine in the 1880's about 20,000 and under decent conditions of courtesy and consideration for the native people they might have continued to increase with perfect safety?
That thousands of the best religious and moral Jews agree largely with the above? But that they suffer persecution at the hands of worldly Jews?
That to combine religious claims with claims of racce, nationality, economics and politics is a gross form of state-and-church?
That modesty is not the private virtue of any one group but in the long run may be sincerely commended to any?
That Palestine is not the property of England nor yet of the Zionist organization but of Palestine's people?
That the Mandate as forced upon Palestine has been a disgrace to the whole mandate-theory-and-practice?
That Zionistic Jews are not democratic where they have power, as in Palestine, where they have no notion of releasing their minority grip established by police and the military and never by Parliament, upon the majority population of Palestine?
That Palestine was placed under mandatory not to help or save it, but solely to establish Jewish nationalistic ambitions there of Jews who did not live there?
That Palestine's misery these 25 years has been solely European in origin?
That Arabs so far from being natively hostile to Jews have seen the quota of Jews in Palestine rise from less than 10% to more than 30% of the population and are willing for peace's sake to let that status alone?
That most Jews left Palestine through the historic ages, voluntarily and not because of exile?
That no Bible statement or promise ever contemplated stuffing Palestine with all sorts of Jews, disobedient as well as obedient, to the creation of cruel moral wrong? (Read the book of Amos in your Bible.)
That the myth of a "pure race" is hopelessly outdated, contrary to facts?
That ignorance of Palestine, its races, its history has been exploited by high-pressure salesmanship for the Zionist theory, to a scandalous degree?
That it is the magnanimity of the Arabs rather than British administration that accounts for the quieting of the country from the date of the outbreak of the second European War?
Is it True?
Prof. Elihu Grant