No we are not Arabs

Father Theodoros David
pastor of St. Mary's Greek Orthodox, Baltimore - Maryland
No we are not Arabs. Enough lies, fraud, deficit and fear. We are not Arabs thank God.
The Syrian is not an Arab, the Iraqi is not an Arab, the Egyptian is not an Arab, the Lebanese is not an Arab neither the Jordanian nor the Palestinian are Arabs.
We are Levantines, we are Rooms and Syrians and Chaldeans and Assyrians and Copts, we are descendants of Mesopotamians, Phoenicians and Pharaohs, we are the people of the Levant and we are its indigenous population. We are not Arabs, enough rape and forgery of history and geography and the truth and the reality.
Sons of Arabia are the Arabs - and for the historical facts we say that there are some Arab tribes who became Christian but the Arab identity of the minority cannot apply to the Levantine majority which was never Arab.
Even if we spoke Arabic, it does not mean that we are Arabs. An American who speaks English is not an Englishman, a Brazilian who speaks Portuguese is not a Portuguese and the Argentinian who speaks Spanish is not Spanish, these are the languages ​​of occupation. Although we speak Arabic, we are not Arabs and do not resemble the Arabs in any way, shape or form, nor in ideology, in taste or in civilization; they are people of the desert whereas as we are the people of civilization. Their land is the desert but ours is the land of milk and honey, figs, almonds, apples and grapes. Our ancestors had planted their land and originated in it so they became "the original children of the land". But you are nomads, you never cultivated or established in your land. Our fathers had planted the vine and made wine; and created the music so they rejoiced and danced; they built civilizations and wrote books; your grandfathers drank blood and still do, they danced over some of their bodies and slaughtered some of them for their joy and still do. They destroyed civilizations; they burned books and still do. We do not resemble you neither in ancient nor in contemporary history. Our history is epics, science, and glory; your past history is betrayal your present is betrayal and your future will also be betrayal and treason. We do not resemble you in anything, not in our humanitarian nor Christian nor Islamic history. Muslims of my country differ from Muslims in your country; the Muslims of my country are humane, fans and lovers of life and science. But you produced peoples filled with hatred, complexes and sicknesses; and lovers of death. Our history is civilization, culture, science and literature; music and poetry. Your history is blood and invasions, hatreds and lusts.
People in my country who became Muslim after the Arab invasion remained noble socially, kept customs and traditions; even those who dwelt among us became like us socially, we ate together, danced together, we laughed together and cried together, but you did not change. In over one thousand four hundred years you did not change; and when you failed to change us, you are destroying our country and our heritage and our coexistence and humanity. The Levantine Muslim disbelieves you and is disgusted with you more than the Levantine Christian.
We educated you and built your cities, hospitals and universities and protected your language. We wish we did not do, if only we had left you to God’s destiny and to your own destiny which is darker than the color of your oil.
We were a bridge between you and the West but you became a tool in their hands for the destruction of our Levantine origin. We knew you from your fruits; you are a history of barbarism, humiliation and defeat. Remind us of one triumph or one glory? Your triumphs are the annihilation of each other, the brother to his brother and the son to his father for the sake of governing or for a woman or a camel or a donkey. You leapt on the West, which you call infidel, while you lick their feet to preserve your thrones, so that you ponder in robbingthe poor’s funds and filled out its banks.
We’ve had enough and we will not cover this farce from now on. O you shepherds, Arabists and lovers of Arabism, if you would like to speak it out and sing it do it about yourselves and your cowardice  and not for the people slaughtered, raped and kidnapped and whose history and present are destroyed, and perhaps its future as well in the name of Arabism.
Glory to the Levant and God Bless Nizar Qabbani.