Through mists of time in my distant dreaming,
Gudea has been softly speaking to me
About the time when he could see
His beloved city, Lagarsh, in terrible
Disorder - the people fighting and starving
- With crops failing and cattle dying.

“Anne, I unsealed my treasury
Then gathered all our people together
- To strive as one for the common good.
They cleared their chosen site of thistles
And rubble; they carried timber from
The Eastern mountains, limestone from
The Western mountains, gold dust from
Nubia, copper from the Euphrates
- And precious diorite from Arabia.

Soon a building stood gleaming in the sun
So all the people could gather together
- To resolve their many differences.
Thus I, a simple man, was able
To bring peace to Sumer and harmony
- And to my city, prosperity.
Now through these lines in your poem I pray
That love will command the coming day!”
Gudea ceased to call himself king,
Since he considered that he was chosen
- To be a shepherd to his people.

Believing in compassion and forgiveness,
He always refused to sow violence;
As every statue of Gudea attests
He also refused to bear arms
- Neither a war-club nor heavy scimitar -
He carried only the frond of a palm tree.
So birds sang once more over Babylon
- As peace returned to the Land of Two Rivers.

Thus Gudea has reaped over thousands of years
- Joyful praise from everyone.
From no statue of this Prince of Peace
- Has the head been struck off.
Dedicated to Iraqi Australians who are bringing to their new country, Australia, their superb creative gifts from the Cradle of Civilization.