- In memory of Peter (Boutros) Indari who passed away on 26 May 2012 -

"Between moon shadows and the stars,
Between the seasons and the sun,
We shall always remember you, Peter.
Gathered here tonight at Lidcombe,
We're celebrating your life, you.
Far from this material world,
Softly pulsing your gentle soul,
Sheathed and swathed in purest white,
Was spirit-flowing in ascent,
- Upwards, up, to light upon light.
Beneath our constant Southern Cross,
You felt the promise and the grace,
You knew the purpose and the wa.
You felt the flow and surge of tides,
Surrounding each celestial sphere.
We hear an outback Kookaburra sigh
And wildflowers are still grieving here.
I watch our Gum Trees sway and weep
At the passing of one who so inspired us.
Between the spirit and the wind,
Between the silence and the word
I recall you open-winged support
For those in urgent need of help.
While the rational and the spiritual
Are combined, the result will foster
A deeper understanding clearly,
In our often divided world today
As you would always so wisely say.
Your wisdom your sensitivity,
Your courage, your generosity,
Bestowed on us a threefold gift,
We bless and thank you from our hearts."
*     *     *
Peter, who lived life with his pen,
Was deeply respected  for his opinion,
In this very uncertain world, for years,
- Allaying so many doubts and fears.
As the Dean of Arabic journalists here,
He  brilliantly blended the very best
Of Eastern culture with the West.
His book 'Lest We Forget' still rings
Within our hearts as it always brings
Together two civilizations symbolically,
- So we may all live together in harmony.

Anne Fairbairn AM - May 22  2013