A Message to Americans
Adel Beshara
Many decades ago, the United States was looked upon as a friend of the Syrian people. For example, after WWI several groups emerged in Syria to demand a US rather than a European mandate over the country. The League of New National Syria for example, argued for an American sponsored mandate, claiming that the US had shown a clear proclivity to help nations in distress "not for its own self-benefit but for the benefit of those it assisted." The voice of the League echoed in Egypt and South America.
Today, the United States is despised all over the Arab World. The American flag is burnt at every demonstration; American economic and military interests are constantly targeted; anti-American sentiments are at an all-time high; even American citizens are not safe. This reversal is due largely to the perversion of American politics by the Zionists. Not only has this perversion affected the way Americans have to come to see the Arab world, but also traditional American ideals, such as national freedom, self-determination, equality, fraternity, and etc…
Isn't it time for the American people to wake up and ask themselves: Do we really need all this hatred and enmity? Whatever happened to the admiration and respect that the US once commanded all over the Arab World? Is it really worth losing the lofty ideals for which the US had stood for the satisfaction of a self-seeking group that has never been 'at home' despite the enormous benefit it has reaped from the country over the years? I think it is high time.