On 13 September a memorial statue and cultural complex were unveiled in Dhur Shweir to commemorate Antun Sa'adeh 100th Birthday. The unveiling was attending by a monster crowd estimated conservatively at 30,000. The Lebanese Government was represented by Mr. Issam Fares, deputy-chairman of the Cabinet, Minister Ghassan Lahham of the Syrian Government and the following dignitaries: Lebanese Ministers Ali Bezzi, Assad Diab, Assad Hardan; parliamentarians Sami al-Khatib, Ghassan Ashqar, Antoine Haddad, Beshara Merhaj, Ali Ammar, Marwan Fares, Adnan Arakji; senior officers of the Lebanese armed forces; representatives of the Kataib, Amal, and Tashnaq parties and the Labour Union; and Muhammad Baalbaki, Chairman of Lebanese Press Syndicate.

After the Lebanese and SSNP anthems were played, Issam Fares delivered a resounding speech. This is part of what he said:

A century after his birth, do we not all feel his absence is still stronger than his presence? He is present in the party he established, in the pioneering writing he composed on life, mankind, the universe and society, in the ideals which continue to preoccupy researchers, thinkers and analysts, in the intellectual revolution he launched against the Mandate and imperialism and against iniquity, despotism, ignorance and backwardness. He is present in his spiritio-material philosophy which combines between the spiritual and material philosophies and calls for modernization and separation between religion and politics. He is also present in the call for one life on the basis of which national interests and the nation's freedom of will, sovereignty and wealth are determined. Finally, he is present in the Social Nationalist renaissance he initiated.

The next speaker was Muhammad Baalbaki, who said:

We journey to the National Resistance Square in Dhur Shweir to take part in the unveiling of a memorial statue for the Great Leader Antun Sa'adeh. We unveil to one who unveiled with his penetrating thought the veneer that obstructed visions; he who liberated the minds and the hearts with his mind and heart and gave up his life for the nation...

The Chairman of the Municipality of Dhur Shweir, Mr. Nabil Ghosn, said in his speech that "the Memorial was a tribute not only to Antun Sa'adeh but also to all members of his hometown." Ghosn declared that the Municipality is prepared to give all possible assistance to maintain the statue and complex in tip-top condition. He also announced that a street will be named in Antun Sa'adeh's name.

Sofia Sa'adeh, a daughter of Antun Sa'adeh, described the Memorial as an occasion to remember a great man who displayed great predictive capacity, a man who was a light in the darkness that enveloped the nation and the region, and a penetrating vision in the midst of chaos and uncertainty.

The last speaker, Mr. Gibran Oreigy, the Chairman of the Syrian Social National Party, provided a panorama of Syria's current problems and an incisive description of the Anglo-American-Israel crusade against the nation under the pretext of fighting terrorism.
The unveiling of the Antun Sa'adeh Memorial Statue
A small tribute to a Great Man
Adel Beshara